Core Set 2020 :: Golos, Tireless Pilgrim :: Cubes

Frontier Cube (450)
By: aguyyoukno
New Archetypes (434)
By: agamemaker
Ponder of this 2 (450)
By: tamehumans
ponder 3 (450)
By: tamehumans
Core Set 2020 Set Cube (866)
By: jncasey
Tags: Frontier
dawnriki's Core Set 2020 cube (477)
By: dawnriki
Tags: Frontier
cube of wonders (507)
By: byak
Tags: Powered
mizzle360's Core Set 2020 cube (324)
By: mizzle360
Tags: Frontier
Powered Legacies (634)
By: roborocket
Idea is to take a cube approximating the size and content of the MTGO Legacy cube, throw in power, expand the multi-color section, and increase fixing to see what happens. This should allow for busted stuff to happen sometimes, but by increasing the overall size of the cube compared to Vintage, fair-ish decks have a better chance of emerging and staying competitive. Archetypes include: White Weenie Tokens Spells-matters Reanimator Ramp Sneak/Breach Kiki/Twin Combo RDW Esper Contro...
Dominaria extended (386)
By: hsvstar2003
9764613 (471)
By: ophidianprincess
Weatherlight cube (540)
By: worldleviathan
Beginner friendly old fogey depth.
Multiplayer Commander Cube (68)
By: hamberglar
There was a very interesting reddit post recently that proposed an idea of players starting the game with 3 basics in play to make a "tim tam cube" (as the author called it). I saw some real potential here for making a cube that feels a bit more like commander than your traditional cube. So I did some thinking and here's what I came up with: This is a 4-player multiplayer format where you draft your deck. This is commander and there will be a set of altered commander rules in place: 1. ...
Mishra's Workshop (95)
By: domhrv
Bazaar of Baghdad (41)
By: domhrv
Mystic Forge (81)
By: domhrv