Core Set 2020 :: Golos, Tireless Pilgrim :: Cubes

Ponder of this 2 (450)
By: tamehumans
ponder 3 (450)
By: tamehumans
Core Set 2020 Set Cube (866)
By: jncasey
Tags: Frontier
dawnriki's Core Set 2020 cube (477)
By: dawnriki
Tags: Frontier
cube of wonders (507)
By: byak
Tags: Powered
Powered Legacies (634)
By: roborocket
Idea is to take a cube approximating the size and content of the MTGO Legacy cube, throw in power, expand the multi-color section, and increase fixing to see what happens. This should allow for busted stuff to happen sometimes, but by increasing the overall size of the cube compared to Vintage, fair-ish decks have a better chance of emerging and staying competitive. Archetypes include: White Weenie Tokens Spells-matters Reanimator Ramp Sneak/Breach Kiki/Twin Combo RDW Esper Contro...
9764613 (469)
By: ophidianprincess
this is basic singleton cube, it’s lame and very not cool and not awesome.
Weatherlight cube (540)
By: worldleviathan
Beginner friendly old fogey depth.
legendary enchantment cube (346)
By: ophidianprincess
enchantments are not fun and are kind of doo doo in terms of design space. whatever cool tricks you can do with them are just simply less fun than the other permanent types. maybe I’ll finish this project some day, but as of right now it’s getting scrapped.
Creatures Matter Cube (409)
By: kaydinv
A low power cube focused on creature interaction.
5/3/1 Ratio (858)
By: jaesarynn
Tags: Frontier
540 Powered (540)
By: dzindzi
Tags: Powered
jaesarynn's Core Set 2020 cube (438)
By: jaesarynn
Tags: Frontier
Chateau Cube (459)
By: murphyshuman
Dominaria Extended (386)
By: hsvstar2003
Chaos (579)
By: kemdan
Dumping my collection into a chaos cube for my friends. Not spending very much on it if at all.
Frontier Cube (450)
By: aguyyoukno
Vintage Winter 2020 (540)
By: jekkum
Tags: Powered
MODO Vintage Cube Winter 2020
mizzle360's Core Set 2020 cube (324)
By: mizzle360
Tags: Frontier
VK MTGA Historic (360)
By: vinkelsier
New Archetypes (434)
By: agamemaker
Yet Another Commander Cube (78)
By: hamberglar
This is a commander cube. The only notable changes from traditional commander rules are a change in deck size, and that any card can be put into your deck, regardless of your commander's color identity. However, you may only ever produce mana that is in your commander's color identiy (companions do not contribute to color identity). The upshot of this is that you can play cards with hybrid costs or with costs in the text box (though you will likely be unable to pay those costs). E.g. A pla...
jaesarynn's Core Set 2020 cube single (152)
By: jaesarynn
Cube Test (52)
By: jaesarynn
Mishra's Workshop (95)
By: domhrv
Bazaar of Baghdad (41)
By: domhrv
Mystic Forge (81)
By: domhrv