Felix K.'s Premodern cube

Premodern is a constructed format that allows all cards printed in core sets and expansion sets from 1995 (4th Edition including Chronicles) to Scourge (last old-frame set in 2003) or reprints of them.

In other words, Premodern fills the time period between the formats Old School 93/94 (that allows only cards originally printed in 1993 or 1994) and Modern.


In my cube, I also use some cards that are banned in the constructed format.
Most recent version
Jul 13 2020  21:22
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The cube is evolving // Small microsealed draft
Jul 13 2020  18:30
I completely revised the initial cube, sometimes cutting a card and adding it again in the process. Here's what I ended up with.

My intention was to remove cards that have only a fringe use, e.g. 2-card combos or sideboard-only cards. I also removed some cards that I felt had too few support, or cards that I deemed to better fit in a 93/94 environment.

The added cards were generally chosen in order to have more cards with a versatile use, fill holes in a colour's available techs or add more support for strategies that were less played until now. I replaced some of the biggest fatties with fatties that see less play in constructed because they are just slightly worse than the popular "big boys". I also carefully added two cards that are banned in constructed (Strip Mine and Grim Monolith).

The wedges (Necra, Raka, Ana, Dega, Ceta) are now featured with one card each to further incentivize to play enemy colours.
While I was working on this cube, I posted a link to my cube on the Premodern Discord. Ultimately, the list ended up being used for an online tournament. That version of the cube will be separately archived here: https://manaburn.org/captainroot/pm-cube-1
I played a small microsealed draft with my brother. This format is described here: https://www.channelfireball.com/all-strategy/articles/cube-design-microsealed/
We adapted the rules as follows:

- Each player gets 90 random cube cards and 2x "City of Sky" and 2x "Rugged Terrain":

City of Sky [Land]
Tap: Add one mana of any color. Choose one —
- City of Sky deals 1 damage to you.
- Each opponent gains 1 life.

Rugged Terrain [Land]
Tap, Sacrifice Rugged Terrain: Search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

- Players may include as many basic lands in their decks as they choose.

- Any time a player has priority, they may use the following action (as an instant that uses the stack): "Pay 2 life: Shuffle your graveyard and exile into your library."

- Each player builds a deck of at least 15 cards. (We might restrict the max. possible number to 20  in the future in order to force players to use the shuffle ability).

- After each game, both players retire all cards from their deck except the 4 special lands, and build an entirely new deck from their remaining draft pile including the 4 special lands.

- When instructed to search their library, players may choose to search either their library or their draft pile or the cube's basic land pool. If you don't search your library, ignore printed shuffle instructions.

- If you attempt to draw from an empty library, instead skip the draw.
Results of our microsealed draft:

RW control–BR aggro 0–1
Snake Basket Opposition–4c Land Tax midrange 1–0
4c Survival–Mono red artifacts 0–1
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First paper version
Dec 18 2019  23:36
This is the first version that I put together. It was tested in a 4-person draft where 180 cards where drafted. Decks played and results: 1st place—BR Smokestack Burn, 2nd place—UB Psychatog Control, 3rd place—GW Tax Rack, 4th place—RG Fires.
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