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Not Mine #2
450 cards
Not Mine
360 cards
Innistrad Simulation
Non singleton, ISD only simulation. I'll be drafting with 3 other people, hence the 5 packs of 9 cards (1r, 3u, 5c). 1x of 36 non-land...
374 cards
Dominaria Simulation Un/C Only
s:dom r:c c=w no: Charge, Healing Grace, Knight of New Benalia c=g no: Arbor Armament, Corrosive Ooze, Gaea's Protector c=b no: Bless...
360 cards
Cards that don't tell you what other cards to draft but what strategy you should pursue.
283 cards
Strong Spells, Weak Creatures
32 cards
Durdle Temp
175 cards