DB’s interactive 3-player cube

A 360 card cube aimed for 2-3 players with an emphasis on interactive cards, nostalgia of early magic, and powerful synergy.  Each two color combo has a distinct archetype, with other mono- and tri-color strategies mixed in for flavor.  The cube aims to bring some of the best cards in magic together without overly oppressive bombs and two card combos.  Because the cube is aimed at 3-player games, aggro and board wipes are reduced.  Archetypes are as follows:

W/U - classic control
B/W - life gain matters
W/R - tokens
W/G - blink / ETB / pod
U/B - discard / madness
U/R - spells matter (light storm)
U/G - mana sinks 
B/R - aristocrats / sacrifice 
B/G - reanimate
R/G - ramp 
Mono-black devotion
Grixis artifacts
Initial Import
Apr 12 2019  02:51
Initial import of cube.
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