Das Cube

Started on a budget now we're here.
Much New
Jun 30 2020  19:08
Covid stopped us from cubing as often. So I spent my essential worker money on power level upgrades. 
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The Golden Update
Oct 16 2019  18:29
After getting some drafts under our belt, some problems started to make themselves apparent.  The biggest one was the power level of the cavalier cycle.  The win rate of decks playing these was far too high, so going forward they have been replaced with the legendary knight cycle from Thrones of Eldraine.  A less oppressive problem was the lack of utilization of the vehicles.  Originally put in to make up for the lack of good equipment at this power level, they were just never used.  Most have been removed and the gold section of the cube has been increased from 30 to 40 cards.  Along with the additional cards being added to each guild,  most sections have been reworked to help the game plan of each guild archetype.  One final quality of life update was a rework of the land base.  Check lands were added in the previous update,  now shocks have replaced the tri lands to complement them.  As always changes will be monitored and anything overpowered will be addressed in future updates.
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Post Import Update
Sep 28 2019  01:19
Fixed Angel of Sanctions showing up as a token.  Added check lands as their price has dropped with rotation right around the corner.
Initial Import
Sep 28 2019  00:35
Initial import of cube.
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