Get Your Cube On

Mana Burn is here for you to create, design, share, and test your cube online, because it's really hard to test draft your paper cube on the subway.

Recent Cubes

Cube with friends
Created by tesiatsa
Size: 468 cards - draft this cube

Cube from draft stuff pooled from me and some friendly friends.

Popel Cube
Created by lordfabi
Size: 355 cards - draft this cube
Draft Cube
Created by struan
Size: 360 cards - draft this cube

Most Drafted Cubes

Fallen Empires
Created by pt
Size: 540 cards - draft this cube

A draft entirely of Fallen Empires, which I loved when it was released (and still do). All cards in the set are here, with the really weak ones under-represented.

Ksatcher Peasant
Created by ksatcher
Size: 405 cards - draft this cube

This Peasant cube has been designed to test tight play, making better draft decisions, and getting some of the most power out of the format without breaking the bank. Not only does this provide a g...

Created by berilio
Size: 360 cards - draft this cube