Mana Burn is here for you to create, design, share, and test your cube online, because it's really hard to test draft your paper cube on the subway.

Most Drafted Cubes

Mordor's Cube
Created by landofmordor
Size: 395 cards - draft this cube

A small, unpowered cube in the tradition of the classics, full of nostalgic cards, balanced gameplay, and some surprisingly fresh picks. Sits about at a Modern+ level of power, despite several Lega...

DB’s interactive 3-player cube
Created by buenavista
Size: 368 cards - draft this cube

A 360 card cube aimed for 2-3 players with an emphasis on interactive cards, nostalgia of early magic, and powerful synergy. Each two color combo has a distinct archetype, with other mono- and tri...

Recent Cubes

Pai Gow Cube Idea
Created by glyptonychus
Size: 18 cards - draft

Rough Draft of Pai Gow Cube

tribal cube
Created by ophidianprincess
Size: 523 cards - draft
Bronze Age Expanded
Created by swervestar
Size: 495 cards - draft

Pre-Timespiral. You know the drill... Don’t pass Mishra’s Helix, and remember, that creatures suck for the most part. Oh and there’s no planeswalkers.

Created by pt
Size: 530 cards - draft

Recent Drafts

Untitled draft
Grid Draft of Premodern cube by anonymous
RW Knights
Standard draft of Eldraine by pt
Untitled draft
Standard draft of 5/3/1 Ratio by jaesarynn
Standard draft of Peasant Cube by cosmictabulator