Mana Burn is here for you to create, design, share, and test your cube online, because it's really hard to test draft your paper cube on the subway.

Most Drafted Cubes

Mordor's Cube
Created by landofmordor
Size: 395 cards - draft this cube

A small, unpowered cube in the tradition of the classics, full of nostalgic cards, balanced gameplay, and some surprisingly fresh picks. Sits about at a Modern+ level of power, despite several Lega...

Miles' 360
Created by heftymolusk
Size: 363 cards - draft this cube

Recent Cubes

Created by tzenmoroth
Size: 470 cards - draft

Kamigawa draft. Damage uses the stack. Each pack is 1 rare, 3 uncommons, 10 commons. Experimenting with 2 rares per pack as most rares are niche middle picks.

Historic Cube
Created by hondo
Size: 360 cards - draft

Cube of the sets that are in the Historic Format on Arena. Low power, midrangey cube.

Created by khanfidant
Size: 470 cards - draft
Potential 420
Created by orange
Size: 450 cards - draft

Recent Drafts

Boros Aggro
Standard draft of Chateau Cube by murphyshuman
Untitled draft
Standard draft of Chateau Cube by anonymous
Temur Morphs Kinda
Standard draft of Khans by magicnate

I got Trail of Mystery Pack 1 Pick 1 so I decided to build morphs

Untitled draft
Standard draft of Group Cube 3.0 by pt