Mana Burn is here for you to create, design, share, and test your cube online, because it's really hard to test draft your paper cube on the subway.

Most Drafted Cubes

Mordor's Cube
Created by landofmordor
Size: 360 cards - draft this cube

A small, medium-power cube in the tradition of the classics, full of nostalgic cards, balanced gameplay, and some surprisingly fresh picks.

Frontier Leisure
Created by petergenoff
Size: 579 cards - draft this cube

A low-power cube for multiplayer games between 2-4 players, Frontier Leisure is a massive 600-cards cube that embraces simplicity in card text and complexity in game experience. Inspired by the won...

Ksatcher Peasant
Created by ksatcher
Size: 405 cards - draft this cube

This Peasant cube has been designed to test tight play, making better draft decisions, and getting some of the most power out of the format without breaking the bank. Not only does this provide a g...

Recent Cubes

Cards I Like 540
Created by toastman
Size: 1153 cards - draft

Still very much WIP. Currently adding in everything I think I would like to run, then cutting down to 540. Intended to run 8-man drafts, or 4-6-man sealed. Will include token, counter, and super...

Created by ophidianprincess
Size: 589 cards - draft


Miles' Multiplayer Cube
Created by heftymolusk
Size: 237 cards - draft
main cube
Created by janzzz
Size: 360 cards - draft

Recent Drafts

UR Pyro/Birbs/Spells
Draft of Truesdell 360 Unpowered by shawntruesdell

Kinda forced, but it seems like it'd be fun.

Draft of main cube by janzzz
Amateur Hour Sneak ‘n Show
Draft of Nick's Powered Cube by anonymous

I certainly picked up some of the right pieces, but I’ve never played S&S and am not sure I put the deck together properly. I think it can fend off an opponent for a couple of turns and then drop a...